Bai Women sewing DSC04041 DSC04042 DSC04043 DSC04056 DSC04067 DSC04069 Dali Main square Dali and the Cang Mountains Dali crowded street Dali early evening Dali early evening 2 Dali early evening 3 Dali main street Er  lake 2 Er lake Guanyin godess of mercy Island in Er lake Klara and Shan Shan in Dali Klara and Shan Shan on the ferry Klara and Shan Shan on the ferry 2 Little Bai citizen Mother Shayi No thats not it Old Bai women selling fruit Praying to Guanyin She found the place She is contemplating the correct street She is trying to help me find my way detail1dali copy detail2dali detail3dali copy detail4dali shan shan shan shan on great wall view from the wall of dali