DSC03156 DSC03189 DSC03193 accross_border_in_myanmar_06 bamboo worms yummy banyan tree 2 banyan tree explanation bulong boy invites me to his porch bulong_houses in daluo chicken_menghai_06 dai boy in dalluao2 dai boy in daluo dai buddhist monastery where boys live dai buddhist monastery where boys live 2 dai grandma making thread dai house in daluo dai house with wood for cooking dai_boy_3 dai_boys_in daluo_1 dai_boys_in_daluo_2 dai_style_construction daluao_washing_clothes 3 daluo boys daluo boys2 daluo building daluo dai mama and grandsons daluo temple 06 daluo_boys3_06 daluo_bringing_grceries_home_2 daluo_bringing_groceries_home_1 daluo_bulong_boy2 daluo_bulong_boy_01 daluo_bulong_boys3 daluo_bulong_house daluo_county_hospital_06 daluo_he_wants_to Help set up my clinic daluo_modern house daluo_river daluo_second_temple_06 daluo_temple 7 daluo_temple_2 daluo_temple_3 daluo_washing_clothes4 daluo_washing_clothes_3 daluo_washing_linens_06 daluo_washing_linens_2 famous banyan ree of daluo menghai_boy_06 menghai_boys_06 menghai_dai_temple_06 menghai_girl06 menghai_market1 menghai_market_2 menghai_street menghai_street_to_market_06 menghai_taxi_06 myanmar crossing 1 myanmar crossing 2 view from the new detrano clinic in daluo