Balcony Performer on Nan Jing Road Big cruise boat Bridge Colonial Style Customs House DSC01738 DSC01739 DSC01741 DSC01751 DSC01755 DSC01759 DSC01783 DSC01784 DSC01787 DSC01790 DSC01791 DSC01793 DSC01797 DSC01799 DSC01800 DSC01801 DSC01805 DSC01810 DSC01813 DSC01815 DSC01817 DSC01971 DSC01972 Happy New Year Huang Pu River IMG_1848 IMG_1928 IMG_1949 IMG_1987 Lunch Time Modern Shanghai Impressionist 2 Nan JIng Road Nan Jing Road 2 Nan Jing Road 3 Old City Old City 2 Old city 3 Oriental Pearl TV Tower Pudong Towers Pudong Towers 2 Pudong Towers from river boat Pudong from the river boat Shanghai Convention Center Shanghai Punk Street performer and statue on Nan Jing Road The Phantom at the Shanghai Grand Theatre The Wai Tan The old and the new in Shanghai View of PuDOng from the Wai Tan Wai Tan from the River Boat big mac downtown convention center and the second tallest building in the world convention center in late afternoon sun customs house from the river boat girls holding hands in street holiday decorations on Nan Jing Road late afternoon on the Huang Pu modern Shanghai impressionist old city 4 old men playing cards in peoples park peoles park 2 peoples park peoples park 3 river boat dock shanghai grand theatre shanghai grand theatre 2 shanhai beauty tower reflecting towers unloading port view from the peoples park view2 from peoples park waitan colonial buildings from river boat xiao Zhou in Peoples park